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The deterioration of the wall and other building components is an inherited problem that each structure will face over its lifetime. Time and elements, including seasonal freezing-thawing cycles, expansion, and shrinkage, and atmospheric contaminants, will gradually have a negative effect on your structure. Preventive maintenance and repair are essential to ensure the future presence of buildings.
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We specialize in addressing these concerns. Our in-house experts use years of experience, state-of-the-art technology, and cost-effective methods to develop a maintenance or repair program tailored to your building’s needs and, most importantly, your budget.

As a full-service masonry restoration company in Green Oh, our services range from small tuckpointing jobs to chimney renovations on multi-million dollar projects. Akron Brick Repair not only restores and maintains structural integrity and original architectural aesthetics but also extends the life span of your building.

Our trained and dedicated craftsmen perform these repairs/services in the highest quality with only the most proven methods and materials. We do this in the safest, least destructive and most cost-effective way possible.

Green Ohio Full-Service Masonry Restoration Service

Akron Brick Repair proudly offers a complete masonry restoration service in Green Oh. Starting with a free initial consultation and inspection, we will develop a complete action process with priority work coverage for the repair, restoration and ongoing maintenance of your building. Akron Brick Repair’s experienced professionals identify the appropriate methods and materials for your project and give you the best budget and payment options.

Free First Consultation And Review

  • Development of work scope and specifications for the maintenance, repair, and restoration
  • Identification of suitable materials
  • Deliver budget costs and payment options

Classic Masonry Restoration Service Green Ohio

As Akron Brick Repair, we strive to protect, preserve and maintain buildings of historical importance. Our restoration experts work hard to maintain a tradition of quality craftsmanship and expert wall repair and protection services. Years of experience and staying up to date on the most effective techniques gives us the advantage of preserving and maintaining Ohio’s architectural heritage.

Quality craftsmanship
Expert wall repair
Experienced craftsmen
Cost-effective methods
Personalized interest

Akron Brick Repair offers unit masonry services for the new construction market. We offer artisan and structural masonry brickwork including retaining walls for landlords, builders and general contractors on new and existing properties.

For more information, please select one of the links or contact us at our office in SGreen Ohio at (330) 583-5503.

Future Protection And Maintenance

Water leakage is one of the leading causes of structural damage in masonry buildings in northeast Ohio. Evaluating and repairing existing conditions to prevent repetitive moisture inflow is an important step in maintaining the integrity of any masonry structure.

Using techniques such as absorption testing, discovery openings, and appropriate material properties, our restoration experts can identify areas of concern and provide solutions to best protect your building and investment.
Mastics and filling
Clean wall water repellent
Textured water repellent coatings
Elastomeric coatings

Quality Craftsmanship In Green Masonry Restoration Service

Akron Brick Repair is known among homeowners and business owners in Green Ohio for their mastery of the repair and maintenance of walls and concrete. Whether your needs are chimney repair, tuckpointing, stone wall repair, concrete steps, and porches or historical façade works, Akron Brick Repair is known for its professionalism in every aspect of your project.

From the beginning to the follow-up phone call after completion with a written offer, Akron Restoration customers have a total quality experience and are usually our best references. If you need your home or historic property, Akron Restoration is ready to earn your job.

Call us at our Green Ohio office at (330) 583-5503 or click here for contact information.

A Well-earned Reputation

Akron Brick Repair was established in 2000 to meet the demand for Green Ohio masonry restoration services on a workplace basis. Over the years, this department has been responsible for numerous large and small brick and concrete block projects.

Akron Brick Repair’s field technicians use the latest tools and material handling equipment to provide affordable high-quality new masonry construction services in Green Oh without compromising safety.

Akron Brick Repair has a well-earned reputation for fulfilling its commitment to quality, competitive pricing and timely completion of its projects. Akron Brick Repair offers a wide range of masonry restoration services in the Summit County region and the whole of Northeast Ohio.

Akron Brick Repair is a construction service company founded in 2000. The company consists of three business divisions: Akron Brick Repair, Akron Paving, and Akron Restoration.

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