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The features that can give a home its “personality” are areas that may require some repair over the years. Even the strongest brick wall will eventually need maintenance. Akron Brick Repair experts are committed to meeting your needs with the appropriate security and beauty, all within your budget.
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Sometimes even the hardest things can break or fall apart, and bricks are no exception. When water is trapped under a brick surface, it may crack and break down over time, so it must be replaced or repaired. A loose or broken brick/stone on a wall or chimney not only looks bad but can provide an opening for further damage.

If you have damaged bricks or stones, please call the Akron Brick Repair. With almost 20 years of service to Akron and Northeast Ohio, we help you make your home as safe, efficient and beautiful as possible. Call us today for a Free Quote.

Types Of Brick Damage

Cleaning Damage

The inner and outer bricks can be covered with dirt and dirt over time. Cleaning requirements vary depending on the type of sediment. While mold and mold can be washed with bleach ingress solution, paint, chalk, calcium carbonate and rust may require blasting or chemicals.

When trying to clean the bricks, always start with the gentlest method, such as dishwashing detergent and salt, and reach a harder technique. Inappropriate treatments can damage the brick and change color, thus let a professional do the cleaning for you.

Mortar Damage

Repainting refers to the process of repairing mortar joints that hold bricks together. The old mortar must be removed before the new mortar is applied. The old mortar is a difficult process to remove so that the surrounding bricks are not disturbed.

It is also difficult to match fresh mortar with the original. Unless you have experience working with masonry. Thus, it is highly recommended to hire a professional brick replacement company for mortar damage.

Structural Damage

When repairing cannot be done, the next step is to replace individual bricks or all parts of it, whether it is a brick wall, chimney, foundation, passage or patio. A defective chimney may require large-scale brick reconstruction for the foundation or wall. In some cases, the entire structure must be torn and rebuilt.

When the need for reconstruction is caused by unsuccessful mortar and failed bricks, the original bricks can be reused. This is especially important to provide a historic look to old buildings. 

Akron Brick Repair is famous for its brick restoration work in and around Akron. One or two damaged bricks maybe a D.I.Y project, but if it is more than that or if the bricks are part of a load-bearing wall, you might want to consult a specialist. Call us today at (330) 583-5503 for a free estimate.

Brick Replacement In Akron That You Can Trust

Do you have loose or crumbled bricks in your house that you’re worried about? Whether bricks and mortar joints are old or new, Akron Brick Repair can help you restore your bricks to their original state.

Our skilled Masons use a unique combination of traditional proven techniques with modern equipment. We are one of the most reliable brick repair specialists in and around Akron.


As you know, a cracked or twisted fire brick not only reduces the efficiency of your wood-burning/multi-fuel stove but can also cause damage to the outer casting. Keep in mind that the modern wood burning/multi-fuel stove creates a huge heat in a very limited area that can damage the body if the continuous use of damaged fire bricks. It should also be noted that fire bricks are relatively inexpensive and very easy to replace.

Why You Should Regularly Check The Status Of Fire Bricks?

As you can imagine, the intense heat generated by today’s wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves can affect some components, such as fire bricks, in the long run.

Therefore, it is important that fire bricks are checked regularly to ensure that they are damaged, cracked and fully operational. You’ll find that many stove manufacturers classify fire bricks as “consumables,” so they may not be covered by the standard warranty. This is because of the overall wear and tear they will experience over the years – although they don’t need to be changed regularly, they’re worth tracking their condition.

If you would like to contact us directly, you can call (330) 583-5503 or email us.

Controlling Your Cold Fire

It is very easy to check the condition of your fire bricks by opening the stove door and examining the combustion chamber. If there are significant cracks or twists in various types of fire bricks, it is time to change them. In cases where cracks are relatively small, some companies recommend filling these cracks with fire cement. This is a perfectly safe, tried and tested solution to relatively small cracks, but should not be tried when the cracks are large and potential warp.

When To Change Firebricks?
The vast majority of stoves position fire bricks just below the partition plate with many manufacturers using the split plate to hold the fire bricks in position. Therefore, most of the time, it is a case to remove the dividing plate, then remove the fire bricks and replace them with brand new fire bricks. Sometimes it will be difficult to remove some bricks that are a tight fit but are sure they will come out.

Today, the spare fire bricks are vermiculite type because they are relatively inexpensive and do an extremely good job of reflecting the heat back into the combustion chamber. It should also be noted that its materials are flexible and easy to direct to a specific area. There will be situations where you change cast iron/steel fire cheeks that you may need to change as well. If in doubt, please contact us and we will advise you appropriately.

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